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Ideas, requests, issues and suggestions received by attendees at 12 September 2007 new system project kickoff (last updated 9/14/07 )


§         Square Brackets [ ] denotes comments or questions added by project team.

§         Round Brackets ( ) without “?” are part of the original requests.

§         Round Brackets (? )WITH “?” means there is a question about a word or the original meaning of the suggestion that will need to be clarified. (“JW” means John Walters group for further clarification.)


  1. Automatic overpayment letters
  2. Monthly payments made after the fact, going out  the fifth of the month to avoid overpayments
  3. Interface with social security
  4. Interface with Child support
  5. Interface with the dept of Labor
  6. And other depts., e.g. Judiciary
  7. Purchase Orders
  8. Integration with a word processor
  9. Search engine for logs (like Google)
  10. Scan and drag electronic documents into a folder (court order, safe family home report etc.)
  11. Spell check with thesaurus and dictionary
  12. Electronic authorization signature for supervisors
  13. Genogram system (family tree)
  14. Family and extended family members and contact information
  15. Ability to capture IV-E information that is captured in other parts of the system
  16. The ability to open more than one window at the time and more than one case at a time
  17. One screen that captures all the info about family members living in the home
  18. Mechanism to track face-to-face contacts
  19. Mechanism to track compliance factors
  20. Rolling screen when a child is removed for all the information that needs to be entered (prompted system)
  21. Tickler, alerts, reminder system for timelines ( court dates, reports, etc.)
  22. Updated photo of a child with a date of the photo and DOB and other kids in the family too
  23. Alarm for supervisors, section administrators, etc. for documents that need to be signed
  24. Child information folder to be tracked and to make sure that placement family has it
  25. Automatic notification for a missing/runaway child to city and county and other places that need to have this information
  26. When child is removed to generate automated Med-QUEST application and return of Med-QUEST automatic approval
  27. When child returns home automatic notification to Med-QUEST, the same when there is a petition for voluntary..
  28. Automatically notify FCIM of removal and return of child and foster home licensing too
  29. Forms section with an index for internal and external agency referral forms
  30. To be able to generate automatic referrals to POS contractors
  31. Contractors to be able to access needed information from the system.
  32. Voice recognition system for leaving quick notes and messages through phone system
  33. Visitation schedules and agreements available on time for interested parties
  34. All the forms to be available online to be fillable and sustainable online
  35. Search engine for forms (by numbers, names etc.)
  36. Monthly outcome based management reports available online
  37. Formatting set for all of the reports (logs, safe foster home report, etc.)
  38. Drop document menus on all screens
  39. Predetermine destinations for fillable forms
  40. “when we click on submit, or send, it goes where it needs to go”
  41. Contact log to have it open for corrections by the end of the business day before they get locked out
  42. Extremely, totally user friendly, is a must
  43. Case management page where case workers can see the status of all their cases and at what stage they are at
  44. Mechanism that would prevent case workers from entering logs in a wrong case
  45. Enter info into log and automatically transfer into case file
  46. Automatic and instant update for all of the units regarding procedures, forms etc.
  47. Online documentation
  48. Knowledge and experience sharing place like a library of what to do if I have “a case like this” [?Blog, Q&A?]
  49. For permanency cases, higher ed payment tracking to be automated
  50. Cases to be closed electronically and stored in an electronic format instead of saving it on paper
  51. Availability 24 x 7
  52. Automatic identification by resources for a child of specific age and automatic generation of all referral forms and automatic feed back if child is not eligible
  53. Standardize form for reporting difficulty of care online
  54. Nameless children profiles available online for kids in need of foster home or adoptions; and kinship family to notify social worker of their ability and ability for foster or adoptive families to respond by clicking on profile
  55. Info to public:  list of agencies who perform licensing of adoption and foster homes and online applications for those agencies and for kinship families
  56. All court (legal) forms to be available to case workers and preformatted-fillable
  57. Library of manuals available also training tools
  58. Integrated system - licensing/CWS initiates client # for child
    1. Id all children in foster home
    2. Tickler to FHL staff / contract agencies
    3. Tickler to placement SW, supervisor (application?) within 3 days
    4. Online application
    5. Tickler to FCIM (eligibility IV-E)
  59. Licensing Requirements
    1. Identify requirements met (dates)
    2. 60 day tickler
  60. Web based access for service providers
  61. System to track siblings in different placements; used in visitation plan
  62. Criminal/CAN Clearance results sent to Service Providers through the system
  63. Alert system for safety issues
  64. Communication between DHS and contract agencies
  65. Track all who access the case
  66. Tickler to placing unit (SW/SVP), FHL, contract agencies when child is removed or home closed.
  67. Up-front screen (pops up) every time for family members/family tree:  name, relationship, address
  68. Family Search - updating info on kinship connections and searches
    1. By contract agencies
    2. Ref (referral or reference?)form (integrated)
  69. Notification when the home is unconditionally licensed
    1. 60/90 days, id barriers
  70. Track log(?) for foster parents
    1. Pre-service
    2. Ongoing
  71. Reports based on criteria e.g.
    1. Demographics
  72. Reports between Departments - Education, Health (SEBD)
    1. Removal by school district
    2. Resource sharing
  73. Special Inquiry for schools and family members to identify if child is in Foster Care
  74. Family members to search for their children in DHS custody / foster youth, adoption [and nod?]
  75. Two way communication, both ways, mutual connections between children and birth parents and other family members
  76. System to detect previous occurrences of fostering; cross-reference (remarriage, divorce, name changes) to assist in the (licensing?) Assessment process
  77. Eliminate multiple repetitive inputting
  78. Issue with employee demographics on system
  79. Don’t want slow or delayed response time
  80. Stop being “backed out”
  81. Need placement history and history in general available
  82. Want word wrap and spell check
  83. Voice recognition
  84. Search by any field that exists - all at once
  85. Mass updates for specific fields
  86. Timely response time
  87. Edits on not paying over maximum allowance and history on payments paid
  88. Notices (e.g. 1504, 1509) be system generated
  89. System that integrates everything we do
  90. Employee demographics on separate system
  91. Timely input from DAGS on Court documents
  92. Input from more stakeholders in development of system, e.g. DAGS
  93. Security concern about access to data
  94. Concern about FMN capable of viewing case.  How are they going to be getting access? Concern about others individuals viewing data.  Where will the client access the system?
  95. Want OP records available to FMO same as workers
  96. System to generate OP notices to client
  97. Uniform POS referral forms on system (standardized)
  98. Integrate all resources (HKISS, HB workers, Ohana Conferences, Social Security; resource management (coordination, monitoring)
  99. Social Security tracking (benefit history)
  100. Drop down menu with types of case selected e.g. adoption, permanency and discrete fields: data rolls in for case transfer, etc.
  101. Drop down menu for justification of payments
  102. Need backup plan when system goes down (paper backup, alternate site or server?  Viewing only copy on local workstation?)
  103. What about technical support, will there be a help desk?
  104. System needs to minimize duplicative functions and separate paperwork
  105. User resource as part of system, e.g. rules, procedures, statues, ICFs
  106. Better Business Bureau Concept for POS providers
  107. Ability to provide feedback on POS providers to appropriate staff (e.g. POS monitors, PD)
  108. Ability to upload photos of children [how many scanners and where?]
  109. PIP compliant
  110. Track timeliness online and add tickler notifications within set time thresholds
  111. Who and what kinds of information will Service Providers receive?
  112. Automation of workflow activity
  113. Court reports to be “user friendly”
  114. Safe Family Home Report Wizard (help aid)
  115. Interface with other States systems as resource
  116. Summary screen for allegation and disposition of intakes
  117. Summary screens in addition to information on screens
  118. Link to community providers to list the availability of services and slots - CCSS, MDT, Ohana Conferences
  119. Ability to scan documents; important documents scanned into the system [some states have gone paperless; when they receive paper, they scan them into the electronic folder]
  120. Family Tree and connections
  121. Ticklers:  for supervisors, workers, Crt reports, 45 day checkups, non-relative permanent, or when ILP needed, or PRT is due
  122. Payment and placement screens linked
  123. IV-E eligibility determined every time the child is moved for FC-IM only cases (true?)
  124. Automatically drop down screens triggering the court log page and bringing up the next required screens.
  125. Files should match the 6 part folders in the units [is this true?  Could they be electronic?  Is there a better way to organize them?]
  126. Sort information by demographics - face-to-face, reports, DOB
  127. Something to keep track of how much money in child’s trust account
  128. List of Sup/SA - can check which investigative screens are not done
  129. Check list (boxes) screens of services - list of providers and their services
  130. Links with census tracts with address that popup up in the area
  131. Determine calendar days versus business days
  132. Link the calendar to outlooks web based - for court hearing - etc. or within a system calendar
  133. Sups to have SW file tabs
  134. Fact sheet screen for licensing Foster Homes; something to populate the information
  135. If you do a court log, where the FC changed to FS, there would be something in the system to stop payments / also via cell or PDA updates
  136. Cross walk from CPSS to new system (what is this for?)
  137. Edit for social security and CSEA to terminate payments
  138. Forms - updated and in simple terms on where to find it - formatted fields write protected
  139. Policies and Procedures in the system - including most recent ICFs
  140. Eliminate the need for a new case when PC is granted, transfer of the information without copying the information.
  141. LOC is linked to the child and not to the case
  142. Voice activated entering LOC and other data for Social Worker.  Can it be linked to the internet and the cell phone? To make changes in placement from the field
  143. Social Services Staff, foster parents, keiki with online access for emergency contact
  144. Write and read to DVD (CD) or thumb drives or PDA to store digital pictures and information
  145. Link system automatically to letters with a check-off box - linking the letter to the recipient.
  146. Setup case information with fields separated or able to be redacted if field is selected
  147. Easier logon
  148. Word wrap
  149. Easy copy/paste process
  150. View multiple screens
  151. Logs updatable for 24 hours
  152. Update client info for more than one client at a time (one entry, multiple clients)
  153. Comprehensive field edits
  154. Forward system screen to supervisor/sect. etc. or email
  155. Report data at census track level
  156. Address tied to census track for accuracy
  157. Providers have access (limited) to know case assignment
  158. Remote access
  159. Calendar/tickler systems for deadlines etc., warnings.
  160. Separate subsystems for Log of Contact
  161. Able to close goals, lines of services etc. for multiple clients
  162. System tells what screens need to be completed for case closure
  163. Will providers enter information i.e. service plans, visits into system.  If yes, will they be able to print out information plans etc.
  164. Interface with other departmental systems.
  165. Info roll into multiple screens
  166. Link to HAWI via icon
  167. Voice recognition
  168. Generate all reports required by PIP
  169. How is public going to access system? Needs to be restricted.
  170. How does public acquire a user ID?
  171. Will the system track DHS access?
  172. Who maintains the portal?
  173. Tie system to others such as CJIS in which all staff can utilize (at least SWs assistants)
  174. Will system interface with others nationwide?
  175. Not get kicked off the system quickly i.e. loose log of contacts
  176. Fields should be utilized, not just there on screen
  177. One log in for multiple systems
  178. Payments to be processed in FAMIS and information uploaded from FAMIS to system
  179. View screens that show IV-E claimable portion
  180. Interface between system and HARI without having to fill out manual forms
  181. Interface between system and FAMIS so trust fund balances can be viewed by workers
  182. Have just one provider file for both vendors and foster parents
  183. When creating a file, keep the extraction of data easy
  184. System easy to update when Federal regulations come down
  185. Generate paper reports when needed
  186. Sharing info (on client) from system to providers
  187. Downloadable referral forms - or file online and send to person directly
  188. File of providers with description of services
  189. The system needs to automatically save and not shut the user out
  190. Word processing for input fields
  191. Be able to go into edit mode, on a time-limited basis, to fix accidental errors [from the team:  we could set a time limit for edits, and then perhaps still allow them for an additional period of time, but log the changes made and by whom and when]
  192. Access from home (by everyone)
  193. One Referral Form for all providers (screens with form information to print and attach)
  194. Scan Social Security cards into system (PDF)
  195. Enter information once and use to populate other screens as well as provide a data summary feature
  196. Investigation summary all in one place (CD 39, 62, 64…Perp…)
  197. Supervisory oversight and sign-on access
  198. Capture attempted initial contact data
  199. Pull downs for field selections where possible
  200. Help screens
  201. Click to talk to live person for system help
  202. Medical and dental exams online with data input prompts or lists
  203. Popup check list for actions and deadlines > time tracking
  204. If information not captured at intake, prompt for follow-up (medical exams and other information)
  205. Consolidated area for general info/ fact sheet - DSS 7 (data summary)
  206. Consolidated area for names, addresses for people involved and supporting case (data summary)
  207. Include reporting that is part of the child welfare storybook
  208. Include mapping and a list of services for selecting foster care providers that provide services close to the child's home
  209. Ability to cut and paste from e.g. word text to text fields in the new system
  210. Store photos of children that is available for any purpose including for posting on Missing Children website; update photos annually, during monthly visit
  211. Family Tree - per child with links to sibling cases
  212. Way to clean up data for people active in case - CS08, CS04 [is this a way to only show certain information for people active in case? To have different “views” depending on who is viewing the information?]
  213. Keep child’s name in Mom’s case; keep adoptive parent name in child’s case (?)
  214. When intake on one child, and for example, three others are adopted, no need to close out the 28s (other 3 kids) Remoe children out of case if they do not belong.
  215. When FH Licensing closes a home, must STOP payments from being sent or able to be sent (not generated and with auto-prompts, or system blocks)
  216. Matching children should be under licensing “A. Serv Case Plan #5”
  217. All investigators to have access to HAWI and CJIS (linked to the new system)
  218. Color code kids NOT in case (not remove from list but not active)
  219. Print out of FH availability with characteristics, # of kids, geographics, special needs with color codes: available, hold,…
  220. Phone numbers and emails for Services Provides not for general public
  221. Messages for when errors popup
  222. Supervisor ability to extract data of kids in their unit.  For example, kids placement, placement date, moves, court date etc.
  223. Icons to represent data for extractions
  224. Auto email update alerts for updates on timely info, # of days in care, pending court date etc.
  225. Increase ceiling for SAC codes (HAR)
  226. Tracking of fund expenditures by child and funds such as FAP, clothing
  227. Provider logs, assessments, services summaries => input into case
  228. Provider access to input actions/activities “real time”
  229. Ability to sign reports on screen; reduce hadcopy needed to sign
  230. Actions trigger requirement for example, child move triggers for CSRA
  231. Scan, email reports (OC)
  232. System training for new hires and refreshers for seasoned users; opportunity to ask or sign up online
  233. Need online assessment e.g. for DV:  a popup for DV Services would show providers in area and when one is selected, generate 1504 report
  234. Laptop for all users
  235. Notebook to capture signatures when out working with families
  236. When you close a case, system triggers e-file sent to “storage” and limit access until re-activated (and scan paper file into electronic case file, no need for physical storage)
  237. Providers generate notice to discuss case and look at and discuss
  238. Ongoing progress report from providers in system for planning and monitoring
  239. Ability to produce list of all Service Providers and State Agencies and contact information related to case
  240. More detailed SAC or service descriptions
  241. Improved over-payment screens (features)
  242. Online greens(?screens) - like in help menu (in green)
  243. Payment popup justification language
  244. Check expunged information; what stays, what doesn’t
  245. Generate timely letters for example, letter to FP rc: annual exams…overpayments, court hearings, etc.
  246. When child case under mom closes and goes to permanent (own case name) sometimes overpayment happens
  247. Dictate voice logs into system (one example is some of our staff with certain disabilities and some of VR's clients use Dragon Dictates off the shelf to create text)
  248. If new intake or information comes in, send to assigned worker or VCM/FSS automatically
  249. Work from home - system should allow especially for standby - child may have allergies (data at home will tell you things like that)
  250. Child info sheet: to populate from other areas; attention names, addresses, school, medical; data synthesis.  Whatever is in current child info to give to FPs
  251. When child goes home, auto notification to MQD, Child support and others
  252. Auto prepare letters for timeliness, with checkoffs and signoffs (in system)
  253. Interface with other DHS data
  254. Case load information re: deadlines
  255. Child in FC/PC… letter to family
  256. When popup forms/letters, opportunity to check information or click “yes” or “no” and edit if needed
  257. Scan pictures of kids and family to be part of case [part of family tree?]
  258. Automate missing child updates and notifications
  259. Get court reports into case file (data integration)
  260. Voice dictation for SFHR (feature) (?)
  261. More than one scanner per unit
  262. Cut and paste data created off line, e.g. in Word
  263. Online access to Policy Manual, ICFs (categories/issues) with word search [if PDF, nice searchability]
  264. Word wrap in logs
  265. Click field - bring up HRS, HAR, Program etc.
  266. Access to forms - map into case specific
  267. Tickler for court depositions, Medical appointments
  268. Include Service Providers - POS - link - transfer info; sort; dates
  269. JW:  SHG (SHA?) - map info - auto-fill in all info
  270. JW:  SPA - Auto, Ohana etc.
  271. POS - reports online
  272. Quick response times in system
  273. Input all information one time only
  274. JW: Note - sort by type of case e.g. PP?-Payment etc.
  275. JW: List of deliverables (for what?)
  276. Licensing - document removal of child from home
  277. Input significant dates into workers calendar online
  278. Key words to search system for matching of FH with child [smart match]
  279. Name search in Logs
  280. JW: PAS ?POS? - updates; waitlist, availability
  281. Voice input
  282. 1504, 1509 in system
  283. Sheets for logs, visits etc.
  284. Foster child locator - and placement history
  285. Foster home listing; showing all children placed and when
  286. Ages, gender of children in FH for matching when placing
  287. List Age Out payment cases; mass emails to F/Ps and others
  288. Payment cut off for overpayment, trigger 1577
  289. JW: FH levels? online
  290. Contact sheets by child; comprehensive, updates, info
  291. JW: Auto link - auto medical appt. child in F/C. Type, ID of med- Email to Foster Parent
  292. Service Providers Address, phone numbers, names, program descriptions, application all online
  293. Foster home availability by general area
  294. JW: Simple?Single? application
  295. Auto doc to ESHs (Emergency Shelter Home)
  296. JW: Lists of Child Specific Foster Parent  - no tr?
  297. Licensing logs - contacts
  298. JW: Single child into folder; single access; all forms available
  299. JW: Foster Case name - track - persons/dates and modifications
  300. Single password logon
  301. No system backout
  302. Auto register - Birth Certificate, Social Security, etc.
  303. JW: Case history screen, ??casak ??inv etc.
  304. JW: Log version? by worker
  305. JW: SHG? (SHA?) - auto linked to Statutes, Rules, Procedures
  306. LAR - form - linked to agencies CSEA, PSD, etc. (Locale Action Register)
  307. JW: Devices? - field input into system - auto or downloaded
  308. Alerts to worker to insure complete input
  309. JW: Flemings?, dispo, Licensing?, update notification
  310. Tag for un-licensable Foster Home
  311. Case Managers access to LRF - FHLU access
  312. JW: Interpreter? Resolution based or other in system; link; forms reg automatically
  313. JW: Server? System ??Hacking? [Security?]
  314. JW: Clearance results - search and generated system and letter
  315. Systems need to talk to each other like HANA
  316. Update system Pride Training upon completion of training (by provider)
  317. Case search easy, by name and other ID.
  318. JW: Email - leub? - screen - sort - prioritize
  319. F/ESH availability - update matching info that can be applied to FHs
  320. No screens (multiple) enter thing; they want to enter information only once
  321. License complaint file by FH/ESH
  322. Ability to bring up multiple docs at once and shift back and forth
  323. JW: Online travel approvals - all - only CM or? Associates?
  324. JW: (FH?) Application on system
  325. Pull up critical dates by case for Voluntary Foster Care (mother or father voluntarily allowing the state to place child in foster care) etc.
  326. Advance input of benefits for respite (for foster parents); allow future date entry
  327. Transfer summary sheet, check list
  328. Home visit checklist
  329. Updateable LRF screens and  logs
  330. Case file instruction - Section 6 - further breakdown: components, template
  331. JW: Auto case file?
  332. Mail out lists (of what?) [training, get togethers?]
  333. Stats for workers and sups
  334. Auto save / Recovery capability