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What's in a Name?

Other Names

Suggestions for names were collected for two months including during the kickoff, 9/12/07, and over the internet. CWS voted their top three choices 10/1/07-10/12/07.

Most 1s: SHAKA - State of Hawaii Automated Keiki Assistance System
Second: KALO;
Third: KISS;
Fourth: KIN

Our existing system is "CPSS," Child Protective Services System. The Federal Government coined the term "SACWIS," for Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems. As the system would be "known" by its acronym, we wanted an acronym that could be sounded-out and be usable both state-wide and nation-wide. Other States have created their "SACWIS," systems and called them various versions such as CHILDS, KIDS, ORCA, FACES. See rest of list below.

Top ten suggestions for the new system were (in order of preference):

  1. SHAKA - State of Hawaii Automated Keiki Assistance System
  2. KALO - K=Keiki (child), A=Aloha (love), L=Laulima (cooperation) and O=Ohana (family)
  3. KISS - Keiki Information (or Integrated) Support System or Keiki Intervention Strengthening System
  4. KIN - Keiki Information Network
  5. KPS(S) - Keiki Protective Services (System)
  6. KIS - Keiki Information System
  7. KEIKI - Keiki Empowered In Kindred Information
  8. KOA - Keiki Organized and Automated, or Keiki Ohana Automation (or Assistance)
  9. KOKUA - Just "Kokua" or Keiki Ohana Kin User Automation
  10. KRS (pronounced KRISS) - Keiki Response System or Keiki Response and Information System

Some of the names/acronyms that other states have chosen are: