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Two Phase Deployment

Phase 1

The System will be rolled out in phases. The first phase will start with an Internet website, a state "portal," that provides our children and families resources to assist them with all aspects of fostering and adoption. This phase will include all features and functions that are beyond the existing CPSS and so can be used while CPSS continues to support the features it currently supports. A graphical snapshot tool will provide management with performance measurements that will initially include all of the measurements that the Federal Government uses in the Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSRs). (The portal that is developed during this first phase will continue to be added to during the second and subsequent phases.)

Phase 2

The second phase will be the replacement of CPSS for CWS; this is a cutover, designed to be scheduled after the new system has been fully tested and even run in parallel for select clients. The fallback for the cutover is to switch back to CPSS, so the risk is minimal. The third phase is an ongoing phase that will include changes to the system due to our continual improvement policy, worker suggestions, client requests, Federal and State rule changes, State program changes, advancement in technology. Changes after Phase 2 will be rolled out as versions.

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