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Project Scope

The improvements to the CPSS system are intended to provide the state with a foundation that will support child protective and family preservation services for the next ten years and beyond.

The system will be available 24 x 7 x 365 and available remotely using a browser. The system is designed to incorporate the Federal Government SACWIS requirements, all State unique requirements, and many additional features to take advantage of technology in improving our support services. It will be designed and developed in modules to facilitate development and testing, as well as changes during development and as rules change and new features are added in the future.

The new system will be designed to go from simply delivering reports to enabling interactive analysis and information sharing that can be integrated into everyday business processes. Performance measurements will be generated by unit as part of our quality assurance and continuous quality improvement and used to monitor each unit’s progress toward achieving department goals.

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What: How to use Case Management in SHAKA
When: Summer 2010
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Web Sites
Under Development

Live Site for SHAKA

Testing Site for SHAKA

Live Universal Eligibility Application

Site for Foster Youth to sign up for ETV, Higher Ed, ETC.

Site for Public to Get Information About Resource Families, ETC.

Site for UHMC Students to Sign Up for Internships With Our Task Order

Information Site for Public to See What Our Task Order is Doing

DHS's Self Assessment Web Page

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